Kyle's Farm Update: We are picking corn!

Our own corn is in! We started harvesting on July 11th, and hopefully we will be picking until the first hard frost late in October.

Just the other day, John was telling me that 30 years ago the average first crop of corn was generally expected around the first of August. Thanks to advances in cultural practices, due in large part to UNH extension research, we have been able to produce fresh corn two to three weeks earlier than that. I guess it blows the old adage of "knee high by July" out the window!

Thanks to all the effort from our field crew, we were able to plant early and cover the corn with cloth to promote additional growth in early spring. However, we must not forget that mother nature played a helping hand in this as well. We have been fortunate to have a dry and warm year which has kept a number of the crops in tip-top shape. It has been dry but we are fortunate to have two irrigation ponds which have allowed us to irrigate the corn and keep it on track for this early season production.

Our tomatoes, peppers, and melons have all been receiving water from the ponds and are responding nicely to the additional water we have provided. I have been finding sprinklings of cherry tomatoes and the larger field tomatoes are sizing up. We are looking forward to finishing our greenhouse tomatoes and harvesting field tomatoes. 

Stop on by and get a taste of that butter and sugar!

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