Kyle's Farm Update: Now picking

It is just the beginning of summer and we are already in full harvest mode! Our tomatoes are ripening on the vines, strawberries are being picked daily, and our shell peas are waiting for you to pop them open and eat them. With our summer squash almost ready for picking, we sure are going to be busy harvesting food for you to enjoy and for our farm kitchen team to use.

Our corn is looking great especially after we gave the fields a touch of water from our irrigation sprinkler. The little bit of water made a big difference and we are already seeing the first ears develop on the stalk. I’m sure it will feel like a blink of an eye and we will be enjoying the freshly picked corn at our farm to table dinners!

Speaking of our farm to table dinners, they start this week. In addition to serving you the great food we harvest and prepare, we really enjoy bringing you on our farm tour before dinner and showing you how we grow what you will be eating as well as what is new on the farm. We also like joining you at dinner and answering your questions about what we do. Visit our farm to table page to see a full list of the dinners we are having and reserve your tickets!

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