An update from Kyle: Our field crew accomplished something that will amaze you!

Planting season is in full swing here at the farm, and we have been putting plants or seeds into the soil almost every day for the last few weeks. Corn, beans, peas, lettuce, herbs, you name it — it’s going in the ground. This past Saturday our field crew set out over 4,000 transplants of broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage as well as 8,000 heads of lettuce. That is a lot of salads!

The early plantings of corn look great under the cloth and seem to have germinated quite well. Leaving the cover on the corn for most of June should keep it growing fast and hopefully deliver us a crop a bit earlier than we would have without the protection. We also took a chance and set a small planting of early tomatoes out in the field. The extended forecast looked pretty good, so we put them out a week or so ahead of our normal planting date of June 1st.

The strawberries are in full bloom and look vigorous. The greenhouse tomatoes are turning red, and we harvested a handful of them last weekend. The squash and cucumbers have taken roots and are sizing up already. I’m sure I missed an update on plenty of other crops, but I think you get the point…...things are growing!

Stop by the farm, and you’ll see that things are also continuing to grow in our garden center and the number of items we have in our farm market is also increasing. When are you coming to visit?


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