An update from Jeff: The time so many of you have been waiting for has finally arrived…

Gardening season is finally underway! A walk around our greenhouses will result in a visual feast of amazing colors. Everything is just starting to bloom and the “wow factor” gets you when you first walk in. Our garden center team has done a tremendous job and it shows.

In our garden center, you will find farm grown annuals, vegetable plants and herbs. All of these vegetable and herb varieties that we grow in our fields, are found around our garden center. They are tried and tested varieties that provide good growth and great yields.

We also have a large variety of Proven Winner plants, in pots, 6 packs, hanging baskets, and containers. Proven Winners are easy to grow and care for, have long-lasting blooms, and are extremely vigorous in their growth.

Sue, who has been busy creating custom planters, wanted me to be sure to let you know about one annual variety she highly recommends: Sunpatiens. Sue recommends these very versatile plants that are perfectly suited for both sun and shady areas. “They are starting to bloom and look fantastic,” she said. “People come to me with questions about how to deal with problem areas where neither the typical shade or sun varieties have worked in the past. Sunpatiens are a great answer.”

One thing to keep in mind, UNH Cooperative Extension advises us that there is a frost threat until the end of May. The extended forecast looks promising, but Mother Nature can change her mind quickly, so keep an eye on the forecast.


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