Kyle's Farm Update: It's been a busy few days...

Our first corn planting is in the ground and our planting season is underway!

In general, weather conditions seem to be improving, but we still have to pick and choose our planting windows carefully. Last week we had a two day rain-free planting window which we took full advantage of. After a couple very busy days we ended up with 3 acres of corn (see how we do this by clicking here), a half-acre of peas, and over 10,000 feet of biodegradable mulch laid.

The crew started planting lettuce and broccoli into the fields on Saturday and our garlic and leeks look really strong. These warm days should help keep everything growing and happy, including the farmers!

As we wait for the fields to be fully workable we continue to plant and fill our garden center with some amazing looking annuals, vegetables, and transplants for your garden and the farm.

It takes a lot of work to maintain these plants and keep them pest free and looking great. If you want a little behind the scenes insight on how we maintain and care for our plants, join us this Saturday, May 5th, at 10 am for a walking tour as part of our open house event. We will be discussing how we use “good bugs” in our greenhouses and fields to aid in pollination as well as defend the plants against “bad bugs”.

Garden center perennials Visit our garden center for perennials, fruit trees, and flowering shrubs that will work well in your yard.
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