Farm Update: We're open and harvesting!

After what seems to be a never-ending winter, our farm market is now open 7 days a week!

The store is looking great, thanks to the hard efforts of Jenn, Sandy, and Libby. Jenn has been busy finding several new products to carry this year. We will keep you posted as a new line of local chocolate bars, local artisan cheeses, locally grown grains, and a few others come in.

In the kitchen, Tricia has pies, breads, and cookies ready while Kali has been busy making soups, salads, meat pies, quiche and more. They are now taking orders for your Easter celebration.

Want to catch some spring fever? Be sure to take a peak in our greenhouses the next time you are at the farm. They are starting to fill up with lots of ornamental plants. For Easter, we have full bloom Easter Lilies, Tulips and Hyacinth.

We just finished transplanting tomatoes into our production greenhouse. We sowed them in early February and they are over 6” tall. Our "Moulton's Salad Mix"  is growing in one of our tunnels and we are picking it starting this week.

Speaking of harvesting, we have a very flavorful crop of overwintered spinach, as well as some storage crops like sweet potatoes, gourmet fingerling potatoes, and butternut squash. When a little of the snow melts, we will be able to harvest a beautiful crop of parsnips and scallions.

We are ready and excited for the 2018 season. Remember to think Spring.  Let’s try to push mother nature in the right direction!!!

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