Football fans will love our corn maze this year

Our corn maze this year leaves no doubt about what football team Wes Thomas, who designs and creates our maze each year, cheers for. “I guess I made that pretty clear,” says Wes with a grin. “I’ve cheered for the Patriots for the past 31 years and will for years to come.”

Each year in addition to his other work at the farm, Wes turns his creative mind to getting people lost our corn maze. It was during the winter that the idea for this year’s maze came to Wes.

“A few years ago I included a cow in the design in reference to the farm having been a dairy farm at one point. Last year it was a pair of working steers. This year during a planning meeting I said I wanted to include a goat in it. Since a lot of us at the farm follow the team, it took under three seconds for everyone to get it.”

This year’s design also had some help from Amber Cram, a student Inter Lakes Elementary School.

“In the spring I gave a talk to the third grade classes about how we use math and graphing to create the corn maze each year and invited them to participate in our corn maze design contest. Amber’s entry inspired me to create the disorienting designs on either side of the maze. So, when you get lost for the umpteenth time in it,” Wes says mischievous gleam in his eye, “don’t blame me. It was a third grader’s idea!”

Learn how our corm maze is made by clicking here

Our corn maze is open seven days a week starting on, Saturday, September 23. The last admission to the maze is one hour before the farm closes.

Admission costs $7 per person with a special $5 rate for each child between 6 years and 3 years of age. Children under 3 years old are free.

In addition to the maze, there are other fun activities at the farm. Click here for details. We are also having several special events this year, so be sure to visit our events calendar.


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