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“Gallery of Wreaths” Opens December 2nd

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Sue creating one of her many beautiful wreaths

The farm's annual open house on December 2 marks the opening of the “Gallery of Wreaths”.  The display is a friendly competition between the farm’s floral design team and other members of the farm’s staff.  

“It started out as a bit of a joke one afternoon,” says John Moulton. “We gathered an unlikely crew to help harvest the flowers that were ready in the farm’s cutting garden.  That naturally led to some jokes and boasts, so we decided to have some fun during the Christmas season and let the public settle who created the best wreath.”

The wreaths will include whimsical designs as well as traditional wreath designs.  Visitors to the farm between December 2nd and December 16th get to vote for their favorite wreath.  The wreath with the most votes will earn its creator bragging rights among the farm’s staff for the year.  One member of the public will win their favorite wreath, regardless of whether the wreath wins the most votes.

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